Teaching overview

Learning points

  • A recent eruption at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has caused huge cracks called fissures to appear in the surrounding area. Fissures are created when lava and gas burst through the ground.
  • A conservation plan has been put in place to help koalas in New South Wales, in Australia. About £25 million will be spent on creating forest reserves to protect their habitat.
  • Technology company Google has created a type of computer that can understand and react to a human conversation.

Curriculum keywords

  • Volcanoes
  • Animals
  • Conservation
  • STEM

Spark a discussion

  • What are fissures, and how are they created? What is Kilauea's normal volcanic activity like, and how is this eruption different? Are volcanic eruptions more likely to happen in some parts of the world than others?
  • Why are koala numbers in the wild going down? How is the new fund aiming to protect koalas? What other animals are at risk because of human activity?
  • Why was tech company Google excited about Duplex? Does Duplex sound like a real person to you? Why or why not? What do you think Duplex could be used for?

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