Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Conservationists are reintroducing Tasmanian devils from Tasmania to mainland Australia in order to save the species from extinction.
  • Architects are planning to use 3-D printing to create permanent buildings on the Moon for astronauts to live in during future space missions.
  • Fake sea turtle eggs with tiny internal GPS trackers have been produced to help track down turtle egg poachers and protect endangered sea turtles.

Curriculum keywords

  • Conservation
  • Nature
  • Space
  • Architecture
  • STEM

Video viewing guide

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Spark a discussion

Tasmanian Devils

  • Why do you think Tasmanian devils have such pointy teeth?
  • Tasmanian devils are a type of animal called a marsupial. Can you name any other examples of marsupials?
  • As well as Tasmanian devils, what other animals only live in Australia?

Moon Buildings

  • What challenges do you think humans will face when trying to construct buildings on the Moon?
  • What other objects do you think 3-D printers can create?
  • Would you feel safe staying in a 3-D printed building on the Moon?

Fake Eggs

  • What have you learned about sea turtles?
  • Which other animals around the world do you think poachers might target?
  • GPS systems are used in all sorts of technology. What technology might you own that contains a GPS system?

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