Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Scientists are researching whether an antivenom pill can be developed to protect snake bite victims from life threatening injury.
  • NASA have designed a new spacesuit that is currently undergoing tests in a giant underwater tank.
  • Conservationists are repurposing old smartphones with special software to help protect the rainforest from logging.

Curriculum keywords

  • Nature
  • Medicine
  • Space
  • Tech
  • Conservation
  • STEM

Video viewing guide

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Spark a discussion

Deadly Snakebites

  • Have you ever seen a venomous snake?
  • Why is it important for snake bite victims to get to hospital quickly?
  • Why do you think people in poorer parts of the world are more likely to get bitten?

New Spacesuit

  • Do you like the look of the new spacesuit?
  • Why are NASA testing the new suit in an underwater tank?
  • What materials do you think spacesuits are made from?

Recycled Smartphones

  • Why is the Amazon rainforest under threat?
  • Why do you think the rainforest canopy is the best place to set up the smartphones?
  • Would you donate your old smartphone to a conservation project like this one?

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