Teaching overview

Learning points

  • The Submersible Chamber for Ascending Specimens, or SubCAS, is a device that has been designed to safely transport deep-sea animals to the surface.
  • Dr Melanie Windridge is a physicist who has recently completed a mission to climb Mount Everest. Her goal was to investigate the latest science and technology that helps climbers reach the top.
  • Scientists have genetically engineered specially adapted pigs in an effort to reduce the pollution caused by their waste.

Curriculum keywords

  • Oceans
  • STEM
  • Animals
  • Pollution

Spark a discussion

  • What is the SubCAS and why has it been invented? How does water pressure change the deeper you go, and why? What do you think scientists could learn from studying deep-sea animals?
  • What did Dr Windridge investigate during her Mount Everest mission? What are the dangers of climbing very high mountains? Do you think you would want to climb Mount Everest? Why or why not?
  • What is the connection between pig poo and pollution? How are scientists trying to solve this problem? Do you think the pigs should be genetically engineered, or can you think of another solution to the poo pollution problem?

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