Teaching overview

Learning points

  • The local government in Omaui, New Zealand, is planning to ban people from owning cats in order to protect wild birds.
  • A hole has been found in the wall of a spacecraft docked at the International Space Station.
  • Scientists have discovered that goats prefer smiley human faces to angry-looking ones.

Curriculum keywords

  • Wildlife
  • Conservation
  • Space
  • Animals

Video viewing guide

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Spark a discussion

Cat ban

  • Do you think a ban on pet cats is a good idea? Why or why not?
  • Can you think of any other ways to stop pet cats attacking wild animals?
  • Apart from cats, what other kinds of threats do you think wild animals – such as birds – face around the world?

Spacecraft leak

  • What does the Russian space agency think caused the hole in the Soyuz spacecraft? Can you think of any other possible explanations?
  • Why do you think an oxygen leak on the International Space Station could be a problem?
  • If you could visit the International Space Station, what would you do there? Why?

Goats prefer smiles

  • Why do you think the goats approached the smiley faces first, instead of the angry-looking ones?
  • Why do you think the researchers want to find out whether goats can recognise human emotions?
  • Imagine you could do an experiment to learn something new about an animal. Which animal would you choose, and what would you want to find out?

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