Teaching overview

Learning points

  • NASA engineers have test-fired a powerful new rocket in the Utah desert. The rocket will form part of a new ‘Space Launch System’ – a giant rocket that NASA aim to use to take humans back to the moon in 2024.
  • An endangered Western chimpanzee has given birth to a healthy baby at a zoo in the UK. It is hoped new members of the species born safely in captivity will help the chimpanzees survive into the future.
  • Two Russian data scientists have taught a robot how to paint! Using ‘neural networks’ the robot learns how to paint by studying art created by human artists.

Curriculum keywords

  • Space
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Conservation
  • Robots
  • Art

Video viewing guide

This graphic organiser supports your students to capture their thoughts and questions as they watch the news update.

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Spark a discussion

NASA Rocket

  • What did you learn about NASA’s new rocket?
  • Why do you think the rocket needs to be so powerful?
  • Would you travel to the moon if you were given the opportunity?

Chimpanzee Born

  • Where do Western chimpanzees live in the wild?
  • Why do you think chimpanzees are endangered?
  • Do you think zoos are good places for endangered species to live?

Robot Learns To Paint

  • What did you learn about robots from the video?
  • How did the data scientists teach their robot how to paint?
  • Do you think robots will ever be as artistic as humans?

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