Teaching overview

Learning points

  • In January, a shift in the polar vortex brought extremely low temperatures to parts of North America. However, scientists pointed out that winters are still getting warmer overall.
  • Using a huge net on top of a boat, SpaceX has been trying to catch rocket parts in order to re-use them.
  • The government of Komodo is worried that its famous dragons are getting too used to eating food left by tourists, instead of hunting their natural prey.

Curriculum keywords

  • Weather
  • Polar vortex
  • Space
  • Reptiles

Video viewing guide

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Spark a discussion

Polar Vortex

  • What is the polar vortex?
  • How do you think the extreme cold affected people’s lives?
  • Have you ever experienced unusually hot, cold, wet or dry weather? How did you stay safe and comfortable?

Catching Rocket Parts

  • Why is SpaceX trying to catch payload fairings as they fall back to the Earth?
  • Why do you think the payload fairings release parachutes as they fall towards the ocean?
  • Imagine SpaceX has asked you to design an alternative way to catch the fairings. What would your design be like?

Komodo a No-No

  • Why is the government of Komodo thinking about banning tourists?
  • What benefits might tourists bring to Komodo?
  • Do you think the local government should ban tourists from the island altogether? Why or why not?

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