Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Scientists are developing a vaccine to protect people against a new virus. Viruses are tiny particles that can infect living things and make them sick.
  • Astronaut Christina Koch has returned to Earth after spending 328 days on the International Space Station – longer than any other female astronaut.
  • Police in the Indian city of Mumbai have installed special traffic lights that punish drivers for honking their horns. If it gets too noisy, the traffic lights reset and drivers have to wait longer.

Curriculum keywords

  • Coronavirus
  • Health
  • Space
  • Noise pollution

Video viewing guide

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Spark a discussion

Scientists Fight New Virus

  • What is a virus?
  • Washing your hands after you cough or sneeze is one way to stop viruses from spreading. Do you know of any other ways?
  • Do you have any questions about the new coronavirus? How could you find out more?

Astronaut Returns to Earth

  • Why do scientists want to know how the human body copes with spending a long time in space?
  • When Christina and her colleagues landed back on Earth, they were carried from their spacecraft. Why do you think they struggled to walk on their own?
  • If you could ask Christina Koch a question about her experience, what would it be?

Lights Punish Noisy Drivers

  • What is noise pollution, and why is it a problem?
  • Can you think of other examples of noise pollution?
  • Imagine the Mumbai police force has asked you to think of another way to solve the problem of noisy drivers. What would your solution be?

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