Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Scientists have developed safe and effective vaccines against Covid-19, that they hope will help end the pandemic.
  • Vaccines work by creating immunity. People who take a vaccine are less likely to become ill, which helps prevent the virus spreading.
  • Billions of vaccine doses need to be produced in order to vaccinate everyone on the planet. Lots of large freezers will be needed to store the vaccines.

Curriculum keywords

  • Covid-19
  • Medicine
  • STEM
  • Biology

Video viewing guide

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Spark a discussion


  • How do scientists test to see if a vaccine is effective?
  • Why do you think scientists used so many volunteers to test the vaccines?
  • How do scientists make sure that vaccines are safe to use?

How Vaccines Work

  • How does a vaccine stop you from catching a disease?
  • What other diseases have vaccines been developed for?
  • Have you ever had a vaccine? Can you remember what it was for?

End to the Pandemic

  • What challenges need to be overcome to vaccinate people around the world?
  • What groups of people do you think will be the first to receive a vaccine?
  • What would you like to do as soon as the pandemic is finished?

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