Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Unusually high temperatures have caused widespread coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. Coral bleaching is when corals “spit out” the algae that live inside them, which they depend on to survive.
  • Engineers in California are developing an exoskeleton that could one day help people to run with less effort.
  • Rockhopper penguins at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago have been exploring the aquarium’s exhibits. The aquarium is closed to visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Curriculum keywords

  • Climate change
  • Habitats
  • Technology
  • Animals
  • STEM

Video viewing guide

This graphic organiser supports your students to capture their thoughts and questions as they watch the news update.

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Spark a discussion

Threat to Coral Reefs

  • Why are coral reefs important?
  • What is coral bleaching?
  • How do you think the coral and the microscopic algae help each other to survive? How could you find out?

Technology for Runners

  • What is an exoskeleton?
  • How does the exoskeleton help people to run with less effort than usual?
  • Right now, the exoskeleton is connected to an external motor, so it can only be used in the laboratory. How would you change the design so it could be used in everyday life?

Trip to the Zoo

  • Why is it important that Shedd Aquarium and other visitor attractions stay closed to visitors for now?
  • What do you think the rockhopper penguins thought of the animals they saw?
  • Imagine you could design the ultimate aquarium. What exhibits would it include?

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