Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Parts of southern California have experienced a super bloom, which occurs when heavy rainfall in normally dry areas causes dormant seeds to sprout and flower.
  • Scientists in the United States have created a new kind of robot which consists of several expanding and contracting “particles”.
  • Researchers in Switzerland have found that playing hip hop to cheese makes it taste stronger than cheese that’s played other kinds of music.

Curriculum keywords

  • Super bloom
  • Robots
  • Food
  • Music

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Spark a discussion

California's Super Bloom

  • Why do super blooms happen after heavy rain?
  • Super blooms normally occur around once every 10 years. Why do you think they don’t happen every year?
  • Apart from looking beautiful, what other effects do you think the super bloom might have on the local area?

Particle Robot

  • What makes the particle robot different to other kinds of robots?
  • The scientists who created the particle robot were inspired by cells – the building blocks that make up all living things, including you! What similarities do you think there could be between the "particles" and cells?
  • Why might it be useful for robots to have the ability to grow and change shape?

Playing Music to Cheese

  • The researchers left one cheese in silence while the others were exposed to sound waves or music. Why do you think they did that?
  • One researcher said the experiment is more of an art project than a scientific study. What do you think?
  • If you could do an experiment involving music, food or both, what would it be?

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