Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Water is a transparent, colourless substance made up of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • The water on Earth is billions of years old.
  • Scientists have discovered evidence of frozen water – ice – on the Moon.

Curriculum keywords

  • Water
  • States of Matter
  • Environment

Multimedia toolbox

What is water?

1. Water molecules are made up of two chemical elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

Forming water

2. Scientists think that water formed with the creation of Earth in the Solar System. Asteroids from outer space collided into the Earth’s surface, releasing the water as a gas that became trapped in the atmosphere.

Ancient water

3. Water found on Earth today has been here for billions of years! It is constantly recycled in the water cycle, where water from oceans and lakes turn into clouds before falling as rain or snow.

People: more water than not!

4. Water isn’t just found in oceans and rivers, but in people too! The human body is made up of 65% water.

Icy Moon

5. A team of NASA scientists have discovered evidence of water ice on the surface of the Moon!

Spark a discussion

  • What are water molecules made of?
  • Why might it be so exciting to discover evidence of water on the Moon?
  • Why do you think the human body contains so much water?

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