Teaching overview

Learning points

  • The immune system protects the body from infections.
  • Once you have had an infection, your immune system protects you from catching it again.
  • Getting a good sleep helps your immune system.

Curriculum keywords

  • Body systems
  • Biology
  • Health

5 things you didn't know

The immune system

1. The immune system is what your body uses to defend itself from illness. It cleans out your blood, fights off infections and prepares you for future attacks.


2. When you get an infection, your immune system produces antibodies to fight it. Your body then keeps these antibodies so that if the infection returns, you can fight it off again much more quickly.


3. Vaccinations were first developed in the 18th century – they trick your immune system into creating antibodies against terrible diseases so if you come in contact with them, you’ll be ready!


4. Our immune system is here to help us, but it can get mixed up. Sometimes it thinks we are under attack by harmless things, like pollen or nuts, and overreacts – this is why some people have allergies.

Sleep and the immune system

5. One way to make sure we are taking care of our immune system is by getting a good sleep every night. When our bodies are well rested, they are ready to defend us.

Spark a discussion

  • What does our immune system do for us?
  • How do vaccinations help protect you against diseases?
  • Why do you think a good night's sleep helps our immune system?

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