What is Reach Out Reporter?

Created through a partnership between Tigtag and Imperial College London, Reach Out Reporter is an online primary science news service which helps teachers integrate topical science into everyday teaching and learning. Reach Out Reporter engages primary school children with the wonders of the world around them using high-quality films and other learning resources. The service is updated weekly with new content and is available free of charge to all primary school teachers across the UK.

What can I find on Reach Out Reporter?

Don't miss the latest developments in science and engineering with weekly films focusing on current news and significant world events. 



Take an in-depth look at topical science stories using films, visuals, activity suggestions and scientific investigations.

Discover the answers to curious questions and meet the craziest creatures with engaging and thought-provoking videos.

Explore science-related news and facts with text-based resources.

How do I use Reach Out Reporter?

Step 1

Pick a news story you are interested in, it might be something related to what you are teaching at the moment, or something for future reference.

Step 2

Open the story and brush up on the details – supported by glossary terms and classroom activities.

Step 3

Open the videos, images and audio clips in the whiteboard friendly carousel to share with your class!

About Imperial College London and Tigtag

Imperial College London and Tigtag have created a pioneering partnership to share the wonder of science with primary school children across the UK. Imperial and Tigtag seek to do this by producing innovative digital resources for primary school teachers to support their teaching and empower them to deliver inspiring science lessons. Also created by Imperial and Tigtag is Reach Out CPD, a free continuing professional development resource for UK primary school teachers.

Imperial is one of the world’s leading universities. The College’s 16,000 students and 8,000 staff are expanding the frontiers of knowledge in science, medicine, engineering and business, and translating their discoveries into benefits for society. In its strategy 2015-20, Imperial commits to inspiring the scientists, engineers and medical professionals of the future by raising aspirations and supporting learning across all age groups.

Tigtag is a primary science and geography resource from award-winning digital media company Twig Education. Tigtag provides primary school teachers with high-quality films, games, quizzes, classroom ideas and other digital lesson materials to engage students and bring learning to life.

About The Goldsmiths’ Company

Reach Out Reporter is made possible through the support of the Goldsmiths’ Company.

The Goldsmiths’ Company, one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London, received its first Royal Charter in 1327. Today the purpose of the Goldsmiths' Company is to contribute to British national life by supporting its related crafts, industry and trade and through wider charitable and educational activity.

Education Resources Awards 2017

Reach Out Reporter has won the Education Resources Award for best Free Educational Resource.​

A spokesperson from ERA said:​ "This online primary science news service presents quality information in a style that not only attracts children but encourages them to discuss the topic and to go home and research further. Our judges said that Twig Education and Imperial College London are to be congratulated on looking for a monetising model that will ensure that these resources remain free in the UK."

The ​Education Resources ​Awards aim to encourage the raising of educational services & product standards throughout the industry and is recognised throughout the sector as ​an​ ​accolade of excellence. 

Learning on Screen Awards 2017

Reach Out Reporter has won the Educational Multimedia Award at the 2017 Learning on Screen Awards.

A spokesperson from Learning on Screen said:​ "This fun online resource provides primary teachers with topical science films and resources to engage their students, highlighting with the latest news and current issues in science." Judges described this production as a valuable classroom resource and praised the range of easily accessible resources available for teachers to use.

Judges further praised the resource for being fun, familiar and engaging for young learners.

The Learning on Screen Awards is the UK’s only celebration of film and media production in education.